FRAG Pro Shooter


A spectacular multiplayer 'Hero Shooter'


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FRAG Pro Shooter is a 'Hero Shooter' in the Overwatch or Paladins series, in which players can participate in spectacular 1v1 online duels against other players around the world. Each player can control any of their heroes, at any time.

The controls of FRAG Pro Shooter are standard for first person games for touch screen devices, with the 'joystick' of movement located to the left of the screen and the action buttons to the right. Your hero will shoot automatically when he has a target in focus, so the two action buttons are free to control reload and the special abilities of each hero.

Each of the heroes of the game (of which there are more than thirty) has its own weapon and special abilities. Some heroes will use pistols, move quickly and have the ability to fly for a few seconds; whereas other heroes will move slowly and fire rockets. You will also come across heroes with long range crossbows, shields, regeneration abilities, and much more.

Using a card system similar to that of Clash Royale, you can upgrade and improve your heroes. The more cards of the same hero you collect, the more points of life you will get, the more damage you will do, and the higher your skills will be.

FRAG Pro Shooter is a spectacular online FPS that offers an original and fast-paced gaming experience on touch devices. It's a fun game, that manages to perfectly bring the genre of 'hero shooters' to Android.

Requires Android 4.3 or higher